Senior Photos

When do you need to have your Senior Portrait turned in to the yearbook staff at your school?  Some schools take a more formal Senior Portrait at school, so you don’t have to worry about the yearbook. Other schools require you to personally turn in a digital file by a deadline. If that’s the case, find out that date asap. Just remember to schedule your Senior Session a few months early.  Once the weather begins to get warm in the spring, my schedule begins to fill up, so make sure you get your session scheduled for your most convenient time.

Where do you want your Senior Portraits taken?  Do you like tall grass & fields? Barns, fences, and sky? Modern, downtown, and buildings? Water, bridges, and trees? Maybe you like a combination of all of them. Try to picture yourself and what you love that’s where I want to photograph you. If you don’t have a specific place in mind, no worries, I’ve got plenty of ideas.

How long will it take?  You can plan on 1-2 hours for a Senior Portrait session.

What will we do? When we meet at our location, we’ll chat a bit about some ideas you may have, some ideas I have, and other important details. You may be nervous, but you really don’t have to be. I’m very easy to get along with and will may you comfortable soon enough. We’ll walk around a bit to different parts of the location. I’ll stop once in awhile, ask you to do “something” or stand a certain way, and I’ll snap some photos. You don’t need to be worried about what to do, how to smile, or how to stand. I got it covered! Let the camera and I do the work.

To change or not to change? Feel free to bring 1 to 2 different clothing changes! Before we start photographing, we’ll talk about what clothing you brought, different clothing looks best in different settings.

Can I bring a friend? OF COURSE! Sometimes it helps to have someone there to help you relax or laugh. I will be concentrating on your Senior session, but your friend is more than welcome to come. It’s always nice to have someone goofy standing behind me, but just warn him/her that I will probably put him to work! 

When coming for your senior photo shoot please remember to bring things that show “you”.

 If you have your cap and gown, or diploma and tassel bring these along. If you play sports bring items to display your sports. Example: for football bring your jersey (uniform) and a football. 

Let’s also display some of your hobbies. Do you like to hunt? Do you like the outdoors? Do you camp? Fish? Are you into cars? Anything that you can think of that will help to display your hobbies bring them along as well. This is your photo shoot for you to remember where you were at in your life you senior year. 


Do you have a pet that you would like included in your photos? It doesn’t matter what type of photo shoot you are having. If you have a pet and would like your pet included in the photo shoot we would be happy to include them. We are very pet friendly and love photographing animals as well.