Why does hiring a professional photographer cost what it does?

This is a question that I have gotten by many people and a question that often comes up with many photography businesses. One thing that I am happy about is that we are priced very reasonable for the areas in which we serve. With many of our packages we are up to over $100 off of other local photography businesses. With that being said people still often ask and even if they do not ask they often wonder, "Why does it cost so much to hire a photographer." Well, I will try to answer this in the best and shortest way I can without boring everyone. People often think they are only hiring "A person to take photos" and "Anyone can do it."

Here is what comes with all of the photography packages you will get from me and from many other photographers.

  • Someone who can create images that will meet your requirements. This is definitely a given and what you are expecting. You get this plus you get...
  • Professional camera equipment being used.
  • Lighting equipment.
  • Computer equipment and image editing software.
  • Hundreds of hours of education and training that is required to properly operate the equipment and effectively.
  • At times an assistant or second photographer (especially for weddings).
  • Data storage and image back-ups.
  • Studio space or location fees.
  • Transportation costs.
  • Office and rent expenses.
  • Promotion and website costs.
  • Social media promotional costs.
  • Telephone and internet services.
  • Income and sales taxes.
  • Business insurance.

There is also many hours of planning the photoshoot. Whether it is local or if it is somewhere we have to travel to we have to scout the location for the best spots with the best lighting. We also have many hours of editing after the photoshoot is completed, this process can be from 4-20 hours. We go through and create a shot list for poses and where we would like to picture and visualize certain poses to work the best. We also spend a lot of time picking out the perfect props to fit the photoshoot.

This is just a limited and selected list of things and causes that make up for the photography costs and what you will actually get when you purchase a photo package. There is much more to the cost of doing business as a photographer than one may think.

If you would like to learn more or have any other questions please contact us or visit our FAQ page below.